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Movies And Entertainment

Top 10 Rom-Coms of All Time

Romantic Comedies or Rom-Coms, are the movies which have romance and comedy incorporated into one. They are popular and widely loved by people


Beautiful Africa

10 Beautiful Places To Visit In Africa

Africa is the second-largest and most populous continent after Asia. What does this ”Black Continent” remind you of? Hunger? Malnutrition? Extreme poverty? Unemployment? War? Exploited gold mines? Desert and unfertile soil? Hot climate? Birthplace of epidemics like HIV/AIDS and Ebola?

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Health And Lifestyle

10 Ways to Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally.

Are you someone who hasn’t been blessed with long natural lashes? Or you need coats and coats of mascara, falsies

What the World Really needs to Know Now!

The earth is the hell-like out of the place made to live like heaven! Superiority / Inferiority Now we must

All About BCAAs: Harmful, magical or plain simple Amino acids.

If a list of the most misunderstood terms are made up, BCAAs will not be far below.   Majority of the


  • Why the moon landing was not faked

    Moon Landings or the Apollo Mission was a space program led by NASA, a US space agency, in the late ninety sixties and early seventies. Under this program, the first-ever manned spacecraft landed on the Moon. Two astronauts, Neil Armstrong

  • Graphene in Brief: All you need to know.

    Graphene is an allotrope of carbon which was originally observed in an electron microscope in 1962 and it was rediscovered and isolated in 2004. It is a single layer of graphite (carbon atoms) tightly bound in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice.

  • Mars
    Colonizing Mars: A far-fetched dream?

    Every epoch has had a dominant species since the advent of life on Earth. From the humongous dinosaurs to the woolly mammoths, their dominion was momentary. Us humans may not be the most powerful force in nature, but the capacity

  • Nanobots – The Future Of Nanotechnology In Medical Science

    Nanobots ,simply are the robots at the nanoscale level which is being researched currently with the hope that it might benefit greatly in the medical field and other several fields as well. Several efforts have been made to develop it but we still have a long way to go before we can see it being used in human body. So, this is still a hypothetical concept at present.Nanotechnology is a revolutionary idea in itself. In the future , nanobots might become a part of our everyday life greatly affecting the products and services we use.

  • Axial Precession

    Axial precession is an astronomical concept. It concerns the change of orientation of a heavenly body in its rotational axis. Precession is a slow rotation of the Earth’s axis around an axis perpendicular to the ecliptic plane.  It is similar

  • Everything About Nuclear Energy: Past, Present and its Future

    After the efforts from hundreds of scientists and more than a few dozens of their autonomous theories, we have been able to harness the energy exploiting the source that’s 175 × 10−10 m in radius. Even further inside the atom; nuclear

  • 10 Rarest Human Disorders

    Needless to say, the human body is a complex assortment of countless atoms that, in conjunction, perform miraculous bodily functions autonomously as if they were taught and instructed to do so – thanks to the million years of evolution and

  • 10 Largest Stars in the Universe

    As seen from earth, stars look like tiny glittering specks in the night sky. But in reality, they are unimaginably huge, spanning millions of kilometres. Our sun is one of the ‘middle’ sized stars and yet 1.3 million Earths fit

  • 10 Rare Astronomical Phenomena Observable from Earth

    Ever wondered about the Universe? Wondered about the possibility of multi-verses, extraterrestrial life and our own existence? Well frankly, who doesn’t! Our Universe is not only unfathomably big, but is also very complex and chaotic. Our universe is systematic chaos

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  • Super drinks for Skin
    10 Super Drinks For A Better Skin

    We all look for ways to get a beautiful and flawless skin by applying commercial chemical-laden beauty products. However, what we ignore are the natural ways of getting beautiful skin. Toners, serums and moisturizers are common in most skincare routines

  • Choosing The Best For Your Skin Type: A Beginner’s Guide

    Have you ever bought that very pricy skincare product that “guarantees” an amazing result only to have it worsen your skin condition? If so then don’t feel bad. You weren’t fooled. It might have been wrong for your skin type.

  • Acids For Skincare: A Beginner’s Guide

    If you flip the bottle of your moisturizer, facewash, or serum, you’d definitely find a label disclosing the ingredients with acids, active agents that the product incorporates (if it doesn’t then you probably shouldn’t be using them). Those ingredients typically

  • 10 Most Expensive Fashion Brands in the World.

    Innovative designs, good textures, high-quality materials and incredible patterns are used by fashion designers so their clothes stand out in a crowd. This helps them make a fashion statement. Fashion clothing and materialism has become an inseparable part of people’s

  • 10 Best Natural Remedies To Nourish Skin

    The secret to flawless radiant skin is to simply work on yourself holistically as it is undeniably important to be conscious of what we put in our body and our mindset during the process.  Here we have our top 10


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