10 Interesting & Cool features of iOS 14

Finally, Apple did it’s WWDC 2020 with no audience physically there and announced it’s new software offerings. iOS 14 has brought many distinct features with tons of new visible changes. Apple iOS 14 has been entailed with many features that were on Android since the start of the latter. But as apple included these features are bound to be some exciting. Here are 10 interesting new features of iOS 14:

1. App Library

Image Credit: Apple

This happens to be the feature that no one expected Apple to bring but eventually, it’s there. As Apple seems to be polishing home screen looks it obviously didn’t want all the apps to appear in the home screen so it has moved the apps to the app library. App library is basically App Drawer but Apple calls it so to make things sound applish.

App library shows suggested apps based on various factors. Below the suggestion iOS categorizes the apps and creates app shortcuts. Also on pressing the search button the apps are listed in alphabetical order.

2. Sound Recognition

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Now with iOS 14, your iPhone can recognize various sounds such as dog, cat, flowing water, doorbell, and many more. As soon as it recognizes the sound it notifies the user about the sound. Also, the apple watch can now recognize the washing of hands and shows a timer of 20 seconds.

3. App Clips

Image Credit: Apple

iOS now lets users use some parts of the apps without installing them. This was available on android as Instant apps. But now Apple also has felt it’s needed and finally it brought that feature in iOS 14.

This feature comes really handy when you want to use the app’s features just for few times. Of course, the app developer should work for this feature in their app but as it has been released on beta more and more apps will be supporting this feature.

4. Widgets

Image Credit: Apple

Widgets have made their way to iPhones. Widgets can be placed on the home screen for displaying various information. The widgets come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. What’s more interesting is widget stacks. You can stack different widgets in one place to minimize space. Also, a Smart stack allows you to choose which widget you see at different times and different places.

5. Picture in picture mode

Image Credit: Apple

iOS 14 now allows supported apps to play videos and do face time calls on picture-in-picture mode. The picture-in-picture window is resizable. So, you can adjust the size of the video content to make it bigger or smaller. Also, picture in picture window can be moved off-screen so that you can get full access to your screen content and listen to audio-only.

6. Siri

Image Credit: Apple

iOS 14 has updated Siri to the next level. Siri now understands people better and can give answers to more questions than ever. Also, appearance has changed. Now, Siri doesn’t cover the whole screen. Instead, it pops at the bottom of the screen and shows the results like notifications at the top of the screen. You can send messages on Apple Carplay via Siri. Also, cycling directions are added to Siri.

7. Digital Car Keys

Image Credit: Apple

With iOS 14 you can use iPhone’s NFC to unlock and start the car. Also, you can share your key with your friends and families. The car key is securely stored in the wallet. Even more, you can set limits to drivers when giving someone your car key. If you’re worrying your iPhone going dead and you can’t access your key, they have added power reserve feature with which you can start your vehicle up to 5 hours after your iPhone goes dead.

8. Memoji

Image Credit: Apple

Memoji has been updated with iOS 14. Now new hairstyles are added with some new headwear. Also, age options have been added and new emoji stickers are available. Apple claims the emoji to be more expressive with face coverings added.

9. Enhanced privacy

Image Credit: iDownloadBlog

This feature is the most promising feature of iOS 14. I think every other company should care about privacy like the way Apple does. Now, you can give approximate location to apps instead of precise location. Now a little indicator shows when apps are using microphone and cameras. The green indicator shows the app is using camera and orange shows the app is using a microphone. Now, sign in with Apple supports more sites. Also, you can prevent apps from tracking you.

10. Default Browser and Email App

Image Credit: 9to5Mac

Now with iOS 14, they left us an option to choose a different browser and email app. It is rumoured that Apple will soon give users to choose between other default apps as well. This is definitely an upgrade for users so that people can use an app of their choice as default.    

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