Random Video Editing Software

1. Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Premiere Pro, first launched in 2003, is a timeline-based video editing app developed by Adobe System. If you’re a Windows user, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best video editing software available right now. System Requirements Operating System: Windows and Mac            WindowsContinue Reading


Every epoch has had a dominant species since the advent of life on Earth. From the humongous dinosaurs to the woolly mammoths, their dominion was momentary. Us humans may not be the most powerful force in nature, but the capacityContinue Reading

Nanobots ,simply are the robots at the nanoscale level which is being researched currently with the hope that it might benefit greatly in the medical field and other several fields as well. Several efforts have been made to develop it but we still have a long way to go before we can see it being used in human body. So, this is still a hypothetical concept at present.Nanotechnology is a revolutionary idea in itself. In the future , nanobots might become a part of our everyday life greatly affecting the products and services we use.

Axial precession is an astronomical concept. It concerns the change of orientation of a heavenly body in its rotational axis. Precession is a slow rotation of the Earth’s axis around an axis perpendicular to the ecliptic plane.  It is similarContinue Reading