Beautiful Africa

Africa is the second-largest and most populous continent after Asia. What does this ”Black Continent” remind you of? Hunger? Malnutrition? Extreme poverty? Unemployment? War? Exploited gold mines? Desert and unfertile soil? Hot climate? Birthplace of epidemics like HIV/AIDS and Ebola?Continue Reading

The world’s most visited country, France remains as one of the most important pieces of the European puzzle. With over 40 designated UNESCO World heritage lists, France stands as a magically diverse country brimming with idyllic vineyards, sparkling coastline andContinue Reading

Passionate, sophisticated and devoted to living the good life Spain is at once a stereotype and a country more diverse than ever imagined with beautiful beguiling places, exhilarating football, legendary and traditional history, splendid beaches, delicious cuisine, lively architecture, vibrantContinue Reading

Celebrated for its superfluity of ancient sun-bleached ruins, passionate music, inspired cuisine, brilliant blue water, vibrant nightlife, golden beaches, whitewashed villages and thrill-seeking activities, Greece is a country rich in culture and beauty that never seems to be completely discoveredContinue Reading