Gym gloves: Profitable or Fruitless

We use gloves for carrying out tasks that require the extensive use of hands including dish washing, lawn moaning, scrubbing the floor, painting etc.  Weight lifting is another activity that requires extensive use of the hands to add/remove weights from devices, hold weights etc.

Clothes, shoes, belts, protein shakes and supplements are often understood to be very important for lifting weights. Among the above listed items, some are essential whereas some may not matter as much. Gloves are one equipment that is fruitful and aids in your journey. The benefits are as following:

1.Protects your fingers

Lifting weights, especially heavy weights may make you feel the much wanted pump but it exerts a lot of pressure on the hands and may stress the tendons of the fingers.

To be more specific, the middle finger experiences the lion’s share of the pressure and hence one may feel the symptoms of Tendonitis, due to the over stressing of the tendons. The symptoms include swelling, pain, inflammation and even the inability to bend your fingers.

Wearing gloves prevents the weight load from making direct contact with the hands and provides an outer protective layer. Gloves also provide extra support for the hands and the fingers and protects them from undo stress.

2.Decreases calluses

Calluses are small, rough spots on your hand that accumulate due to friction.

When lifting weight the handle of the equipment keeps rubbing against the palms due to which friction is generated. Continuing to work out even after the formation of calluses on your palm will lead them to crack or rip open. Once they are cracked, they are gut wrenching. Nor only will you not be able to lift any weights for days, you will be forced to wear medication or tape  over the calluses which will decrease your effectiveness in your day to day activity as well.

The glove acts as a protective layer and hence, prevents the handle from touching the palm, due to which the development of calluses is prevented.

3.Wrist support

The wrist is a very important part of the body that determines a lot of lifting as well. The wrist plays a vital role especially for exercises of the bicep, triceps and shoulders. Wrist determines the controlled movement required to squeeze the muscles, the angle at which the weights are to be lifted and somehow also contribute to how heavy you can lift. Therefore, having a strong wrist is vital for progressive overloading.

 All gym gloves normally come with wrist straps with them. These straps act as a additional tendons and ligaments that strengthen the wrist while bend back, provide a soft cushion for the wrist joints, prevents weights from forcefully moving your joints. Weight lifting gloves also prevent wrist injuries.

Furthermore, gloves also helps you lift heavier. The wrist support straps help distribute the weight throughout the forearm rather than converging them on only the fingers. This is very advantageous especially when carrying out pulling exercises such as the dead lift or pull ups.

4.Better grip

Having a firm grip over you weight is chief. If you do not have a strong grip you might drop the weights, which will disturb the set and might even lead to injuries if you drop them over your leg. It is also very annoying to keep falling off the bar while doing exercises such as the pull ups.

 The prime reason for not having a firm grip over your weight or bar is because of sweat. Since workout gloves absorb the sweat your hands will not be sweaty and hence you will have a firmer grip over the bar or your weight. gloves also come with additional grips on the palms and fingers. the additional grip is better than the normal hand and hence helps have a stronger hold on the equipment.

Another reason that you might drop your weight is because of pain that you feel in your palms due to calluses, or pain in the wrist due to the weight being ponderous. Since gloves eliminate the whole idea of calluses and also strengthen your wrists, they probability of dropping your weight also is reduced.

5.Increases stability

If you have suffered any injury to the hands, wrists or fingers, it is indispensable that you use gloves. Doctors and even fitness trainers urge the use of gloves while training.

However, even if you have not sustained any injuries, the use of gloves provides a stable platform around the hand which increases grip stability, aids to hold on to the weights, especially the heavier weights/ the maximum you can carry,  increases strength, and muscular endurance  due to which the stability and give assistance to lifting movements.

6.Improves technique

The technique is the most vital thing in weight lifting, even more supreme that number of reps and even progressive overload. A poor technique will not only hamper the process of getting swole but also may lead to injuries that might even prevent an individual from working out ever again.

Gloves are one of the most potent tools to improve your lifting technique. Gloves keep your hands dry, and even reduce the pain that your skin in the palms feel when they are exposed to  raw metal, and also aid in the lifting movement which helps you lift easier, hence with better form.

Additionally, when you are using gloves you do not need to be concerned about calluses which allows you to focus better on lifting. Using proper technique will avoid injury and help in the progressive overloading process as well.

7.Acts as to cushion for the nerves.

Lifting weight exerts pressure to the nerves in your hands. If the nerves are sensitive or are overly used, the person experiences an excruciating pain that prevents you from working out and also other daily activities.

The workout gloves distribute the weight and hence spread out the pressure form the weights throughout the forearm. This reduces the pressure from the specific nerves and acts as a cushion for the nerves.

8.Eliminates the need of chalk

Chalk is a popular and much desired product that gym lads use to increase grip and decrease sweating in the hands.

However, many gyms prevent the use of chalks as they are messy and cleaning the chalk dust can be a hectic task for the gym management. Adding to that, a handful of people are also allergic to the chalk dust. As a result many gyms do not promote the use of chalk dust. Therefore, if you are used to chalk dust, but now your gym has banned the use, gloves are the best alternative for you.

The use of gloves eliminates the disadvantages of chalk dust while providing all the benefits that the chalk dust provides. The gloves absorb the sweat and support grip strength as well. However, it is not as messy as chalk dusts are nor do they affect any other individual in the gym.

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