Top 10 Rom-Coms of All Time

Romantic Comedies or Rom-Coms, are the movies which have romance and comedy incorporated into one. They are popular and widely loved by people all over the world for its quirkiness and humour. These are the love story which will make you laugh until you cry. Here is the list of movies that made it to our Top 10.

10. Clueless


This movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ was first released in 1995 and is still beloved by many. During the 90s when LGBTQ community was not given much spotlight and gay movie characters were rarely seen, this movie brought a hint of diversity by casting the role while also not losing Austen’s original charm. The story revolves around Cher, who is a spoiled rich girl in Beverly Hills. Her character development throughout the movie cannot be better. The soundtrack, fashion statements and scenes of the nineties add to the beauty of the movie. 

9. Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians is adapted from the book under same name which is a part of trilogy written by Kevin Kwan. It all begins when Rachel’s boyfriend Nicholas ‘Nick’ takes her to Singapore to meet his family only to find out that they are one of the richest people in the country. CRAZY Rich, as she calls it. The plot involves both of their relationship and whether she will survive the Rich Asian Society where drama never ends. With great visuals, scenes, soundtracks and acting this modern age Cinderella story makes it to our top 10. Also, Crazy Rich Asians is the first movie made in American History that tells the story of Asians with all the Asian actors after decades. 

8. Notting Hill


Notting Hill is the story of two people, Anna who is an American actress and William, an average British bookstore owner. The clash between their social status makes their relationship very hard and problems arise. The vulnerability and genuity of the acting make Notting Hill everyone’s favourite. No one could do a better job than Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in the movie. This movie is simple but spectacular. 

7. Sixteen Candles


When high school student Sam’s 16th birthday goes unnoticed because of her sister’s wedding the day after, she is furious and sad. She has a crush on her classmate Jake but will she ever be able to confess? That’s the answer you will know after seeing the movie. Later, whatever happens, Sam is happy and her 16th birthday is not incomplete like she thought. The humour in this movie is spot on and the romance only gets better as the movie goes on. This makes Sixteen Candles a Top 10 in our list of rom-com movies. 

6. Silver Linings Playbook


This love story of two individuals Pat and Tiffany is a never before seen in the movie industry. Both of the characters have their own underlying problems. Pat who just got out of jail for beating up his ex-wife’s lover is suffering from bipolar disorder whereas Tiffany herself is a widow who has her own mental health issues. This is funny romantic story of two people who are struggling with their own issues but still help each other overcome is perfect. The acting, humour and realistic portrayal of the mental health issues makes the movie powerful and a must watch. 

5. 10 Things I Hate About You


This movie is the modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”. Two high school teens Cameron and Bianca have a crush on each other. But Bianca cannot date Cameron until her older sister Kat dates someone. The only problem is that Kat is severely anti-social. So, to get rid of the problem, Cameron pays a boy to charm Kat. This movie is guaranteed to make you laugh and is a forever go-to movie for anyone who wants a feel-good movie.  This movie is guaranteed to make you laugh and is a forever go-to movie for anyone who wants a feel-good movie. Everything from the cast to the chemistry between the actors is amazing. 

4. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


This is the adaptation of the book series under same name by Jenny Han. Lara Jean has a box full of love letters for 5 boys who were once her crush. One day they get sent to the respective owners and hence her secret is out. One of such letter recipients was Peter Kavinsky, her classmate who decided it was fair he didn’t tell anyone only if she fake dated him to make his Ex jealous. Already a beloved book series, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before gained its popularity after the release of the movie. Daresay, there are few millennials and Gen Z who have not watched this movie.   

3. Love, Simon


High school student, Simon Spier is secretly gay. He is afraid of coming out to his family and friends. However, he writes letters to a gay internet stranger who he falls for. Simon is blackmailed by a guy who finds out about his sexuality. Searching for the stranger is his quest where in the journey he finds himself. This coming of age story of a gay teenager is genuine and hilarious but can also make you cry at times. It feels realistic and the connection between the actors is clearly seen. This movie is a wonderful take on LGBT problems, family, friendships and being your own true self. 

2. The Princess Bride


The fantasy driven romantic comedy, The Princess Bride is about a farm girl who is forced to marry the antagonist Prince against her own will. But she is in love with another boy of her own village. The boy in search of his one true love comes to her rescue from the Prince. This storyline is fictional and mythical which adds to the beauty of the movie.  It is a classic tale of fight for love that doesn’t lack humour. 

1. When Harry Met Sally


Two graduates of University of Chicago, Harry and Sally share their ride to the city. Harry and Sally get in a huge discussion if men and women can be just friends. Harry says that they can never be just friends while Sally disagrees. Hence, they leave on bad terms. They meet again after years only to separate in bad terms and the years after that. Every time they meet it’s a disaster. What will they lead to? Watch the full movie to see this heart touching, funny movie that is a timeless classic. 

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