Top 10 Teen Series on Netflix

TV Series about Teen life has only grown over time. Today the number exceeds thousands on streaming platforms like Netflix. They range from comedy to thrillers and normal social life to supernatural beings. However, one thing is common between this wide range of genre, they all capture the beauty of teenage life. Here are our top picks of the teen TV series that must not be missed.

10. The Umbrella Academy


The TV adaptation of the comic under the same name is the story of children born randomly to women who were not pregnant, at the same time. Seven of them are adopted by a billionaire and raised together. They are named The Umbrella Academy and they each bear unique supernatural powers which they use to save the world. However, after the death of one member, the group disbands only to meet years later during their foster dads’ death/ murder.  Written by MCR lead singer Gerard Way, the series beautifully presents the remaining six members’ journey and how they reunite to uncover the mystery of their father’s death. Packed with amazing graphics, visuals as well as the soundtrack, this series is funny and talks about one’s flaws. 

9. The Vampire Diaries


The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural teen series based on the book series of same name. The story line revolves around Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan who are vampires. Both the brothers develop feelings for Elena, a girl in their High School. However, she is unaware of their true identity until later.  This series is about love, teen drama, supernatural events, mystery, teen drama, family, friendship and many more and simply cannot be put into only one category. The actors do full justice to their characters and it simply could not be better.  The Vampire Diaries has more spin-offs which are equally if not more, loved by the viewers.

8. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a horror supernatural teen series based on Archie comic book series of the same name. This series is primarily focused on Sabrina, a half-human, half-witch teenager in the fictional town of Greendale. She faces the evil forces as they become a constant threat to witches as well as humanity. It shows her struggles as she tries to balance her mortal side as well as her witch side. The series is dark and horrifying but also does not fail to add humour and romance in the plot.  Overall, this take on the already famous classic, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, is loved by its viewers and some may even say it’s better than the original. 

7. The Flash


Just a normal forensic scientist in the Central City’s Police Force before, Barry Allen wakes up after months only to find himself gaining superpower to run in super high speed, unlike any human. This was all the result of lightning that struck him. Now, after his newfound powers, Allen who is now called “The Flash” works to save the city and unveils many mysteries in the process. This DC show is a mixture of mystery, fear, love, friendship, humour and obviously action. Time Travel is also a part of the plot which develops beautifully. The crossover between another alternate universe as well as other DC characters adds to the fun of this show.

6. The End of the F***ing World


This like many other teen series is based on a comic series of the same name. This is no cliché TV series that you watch. The storyline revolves around two characters, James, a self-declared psychopath and Alyssa, a rebellious teen who just wants to getaway. Together, they go on a road trip to uncover mysteries. This take on the friendship and romance of two high school teenagers, Alyssa and James are never before seen in any series. The plot develops wonderfully and is very entertaining with its acting on point. It’s dark but also funny and the stunning cinematography only adds to the beauty. With several nominees in high-end award shows and awards like Peabody Awards, The End of the F***ing World makes it to our list. 

5. On My Block


On My Block revolves around a squad of four friends and their journey of high school since freshman year. These friends who have stayed together since a long-time face difficulty to stick together as adolescence kicks in. Everything is different in high school and they have trouble along the way of their life. This show is about growing up in a low income Hispanic and Black town. This captures life, friendship, teenage struggles, humour, love, gangs and everything in between beautifully. The diversity shown in this series is praiseworthy and there should be more shows like this. 

4. Never Have I Ever


Never Have I Ever is a story that revolves around daily teenage struggles of first-generation Indian American Devi. Devi is traumatised and she gets paralysed due to the shock of her father’s death during her school show. One day, she can miraculously walk and hence her dream of changing from a nerd to a cool person in high school comes into action. She does not like her family and does not feel Indian or American enough. She is in this constant state of confusion of her own identity and struggles to keep up with it, seeking constant validation from someone. This series is about family, love, friendship, drama and is beautifully crafted to be relatable for many children of the immigrants. 

3. Atypical


This coming of age series is centred around a teen Sam Gardner who is autistic. This show is not only about Autism but also equally a typical tale of a teenager and how he deals with his life. It is funny but can also make you cry gallons of tears. This show is weird and quirky. With a great storyline and character development on point, this show is a must-watch. 

2. Sex Education


Otis is an awkward high school student who starts a sex therapy clinic on school influenced by his therapist mom. He partners with Maeve Wiley who is also his crush. Known for bad rumours circling around the school which are false, Maeve is a strong female character who is independent. Another equally important character in the series is Otis’s best friend Eric. This series intakes flaws very normally and shows real human emotions throughout. This is a journey of finding one’s sexuality and friends and love. It is a genuine and funny take on teenage life that is very much relatable. The diversity of issues this show talks about is praiseworthy, some of which is sexual assault and LGBTQ issues. It’s a guarantee you will fall in love with this show in no time. 

1. Stranger Things


With an IMDb rating of 8.8, this show has everything one can possibly imagine. It takes place in small-town Hawkins during 1980s. When one night, out of the blue, Will, a teen goes missing, there is a series of investigation which leads to weird, never ever thought of the mystery of something called the Upside Down. A girl with supernatural power also makes her way out in the town who has a number engraved in her hand, 11. She does not remember her name so, Mike and his friends decide to call her El, after the number Eleven. This three-season series reveals the mystery in this small town which can be a threat to its people. Join El and her friends in this journey to fight off dark evil creatures. This storyline and character development only get better with crazy good visuals. 

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