What the World Really needs to Know Now!

The earth is the hell-like out of the place made to live like heaven!

Our world has certainly experienced different changes, inventions, and revolutions, around the vivid course of history and periods until the emerge of this 21st century. They absolutely brought an impact on the ways of our livelihood and transformed our thoughts dramatically. But as the world progressed, the core essence of humanity seems to fade out and mark the remarks of our foolishness and selfishness. Here are such things that need to be rethought and corrected.

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Superiority / Inferiority

Now we must end our game on superiority and inferiority completely. We must let our ego down and realize our connectivity with nature. The feeling of being superior and treating someone inferior creates mockery with respect to nature’s gift of common descendant. Our foolishness on race and differentiation from any sort in the past has resulted in violence and loss of many lives. We must realize that we all are connected and need each other for existence. No man alone is powerful enough to stand against the mightiness of nature and its systems. We must accept the true rule of nature towards variation being the key to development. So it is wise not to create any place for discrimination and hatred neither in our hearts nor in our minds.

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The Money Thing

Money is the exact reward that we get of what service we offer, nothing more than that. But today, people have the sense of money being everything in regards to power and prosperity. Money is a serious virus that slowly kills our wisdom and enhances our senses to focus more on pleasure, comfort, and lust which are enemies to true human’s purpose of effective and moral living. Controlled money is required for survival but it is merely not the thing that we wish to live for. Our life is a part of this creation and we must devote ourselves to finding enjoyment to things that money can’t buy such as kindness, satisfaction, happiness, love, self-love, experience, wisdom, loyalty, and morals. Indeed, the real thing that matters is the quality of work we do without any feeling of jealousy and selfishness to provide our service to others!

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Nationality – Unified World

For men of different background, seeks the same happiness,

For the face of every tear, lies the same sadness.

Dare not to differentiate, for every existence holds the same meaning!

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Today we need not differentiate ourselves on the basis of nationality but to realize as a common species. In a broader sense, nationality is man-made whereas the realization of we, all connected to each other, descendants from the common origin as the theory of evolution suggests, beholds our common nature and origin. We may seem totally different from appearance to style to behavior to knowledge to our culture but deep inside we all have a heart that fears to dark.

We all, however of different backgrounds, history, and origin, have the same purpose of love, and care. Behind every smile holds the same meaning and behind our pain reveals the same tears. Diversity and variation should not lead us to violence and hatred but should drive us to the purpose of unity and cooperation in each other’s common goals and existence. With this, we must head to the common future of humanity towards a unified world.


Today, everyone can learn and read, but not everyone does! The only difference between a topper and a failure is the amount of pure dedication, sacrifice, and dedication they give.

Education is very much important. It has become a friendly weapon that we need to survive now. Today, education has spread its strength across the world and behind every individual’s success. But it must be remembered that no man has become great by just learning but the one who has taught mankind and given something to it. We must not stop seeking knowledge and information. We should learn and read not only just to get a degree or to pass certain examinations or to get a certain job but we must continue to learn to search nature’s deepest mystery that it hides.

Therefore, we must make our minds open to new thoughts and possibilities and seek effective solutions to the problems and challenges that come to us. We must be creative, always curious, open-minded and continuously devote ourselves towards the light of knowledge and wisdom through self-discipline just like Buddha did. We must remember our prime understanding of what not we take from this world after we die but instead what we give to it through our true knowledge to society’s benefit to remark our part of existence.

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Looking at the Nature

Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom , and a little flower

Hans Christian Andersen

Air, water, land, hills, sky, sun, stars, rivers, trees, birds, animals! Just look around yourself. What it tells us is that all the beautiful things in nature are free to all. The thing that must be considered here is that nature doesn’t belong to us but we are the part of nature. So it will be better if we let down our personal ego and work with nature alongside the development we tend to achieve. Besides, beautiful scenarios of nature provide us positivity and encourage us to be peaceful and calm.

Any sort of disaster is only the result of our mistakes and foolishness. Besides, nature heals, soothes, restores, and connects. It would be our only foolishness to destroy the elements of nature trying to prove our supremacy over it. Today, what most of we lack is our connectivity to nature. We are too busy in our work world that we forget to spend our time with the beauty that nature provides to us. And so there increases the problem of depression, loneliness, and anxiety. Nature can be our best friend during our hard times if we just separate some time for it. Nevertheless, it is also an open book for gaining wisdom, ideas, and inspiration that one seeks to. So we must transform ourselves from spending too much time on virtual reality to spending quality time with nature as being a part of it.

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Overall, we ourselves have to decide how we choose to live. Peace as well as war, both are in our hands. We must understand that bad lies deep within us and so we must be wise and careful enough not to bring it out in this real world. Our existence may only be fulfilled if we live truly in accordance with our service we present deep through our heart and conscience.

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